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Our Mission

Oregon AWHONN supports the National AWHONN Mission Statement

Join us in promoting the mission, vision and goals of AWHONN to achieve excellence in nursing practice as we work to improve the health and well-being of women and newborns.

Our Vision

“Making a difference in the lives of women and newborns.” Our members are committed to the health of women and newborns.

Strategic Goals

  • DIVERSITY: Promote diversity and inclusion in our organization and profession.
  • AWARENESS: Advocate for critical issues that impact nursing care to women and newborns while developing collaborations with other communities and organizations.
  • COMMITMENT TO MEMBERS: Maximize the member experience.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Advance AWHONN as the trusted leader in research, education, and evidence-based practice.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Invest in people, technology, and facilities to advance the mission of the organization.

Our Mission

Empower and support nurses caring for women, newborns, and their families through research, education, and advocacy.

Diversity Statement

AWHONN is committed to promoting diversity throughout the organization by recruiting, retaining and mentoring a diverse workforce of women’s health and maternal child nurses. We are dedicated to integrate cultural competence and diversity into all aspects of our work and the communities we serve.

Guiding Principles

  • AWHONN strives to shape a diverse work environment that promotes opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • AWHONN has a responsibility to incorporate evidence based practice in all educational materials for the diverse populations we serve.
  • AWHONN encourages a diverse workforce that complements that of women, newborns
  • and their families.
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