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Let AWHONN empower you to expand your career development, elevate your nursing practice, and connect you with exceptional mentors and new friends.

As an AWHONN member, you can:

  1. Meet and collaborate with nursing experts... at local meetings, national conferences, online, and by volunteering.
  2. Establish a network of trusted professionals... you can call on for an objective opinion or help with tough clinical issues.
  3. Obtain authoritative resources to strengthen your practice... such as guidelines, standards, research, journals, and health policy statements.
  4. Earn CNE and develop new skills... with best-in-class continuing education. Self-study, interactive, audio, and online formats.
  5. Reduce your risk and save with a professional liability insurance... designed for nurses. Group rates on life, major medical, dental, disability income, and long term care insurance coverage.
  6. Expand your knowledge conveniently... in the Members-Only section of Keep your nursing practice current!
  7. Access national research projects and grants... to promote cost-effective, evidence-based nursing practice.
  8. Advocate for sound public health policies... that promote the health of woman and newborns and protect the profession of nursing.
  9. Advance your organization's patient care - even achieve magnet status ... Take your team to the next level with AWHONN Consulting Group.
  10. Attract top talent or find your dream job... Click "Nursing Careers" at the top right of